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From March 1998 to June 1999 I worked as a copy editor at the Daily News, a suburban Los Angeles newspaper based in Woodland Hills, Calif. Below is some of my work.

No har har
for Jar Jar

Binks stinks, movie fans say
Main Edition, May 28, 1999, Page 2

Many fans of "Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace" have declared the bumbling, computer-generated character Jar Jar Binks the movie's worst element.

Job loss inspires entrepreneur
to be own boss

Fired up!
Main Edition, May 24, 1999, Money & Careers Page 1

After he was fired from a courier job, Steven Keihner launched his own delivery service, now a multimillion-dollar company.


Historical documents escaped
from Alcatraz, critics say
Preview Edition, May 23, 1999, Page 4

Numerous documents chronicling the history of the infamous prison Alcatraz are now missing, scholars claim.

Filmmaker's eyes
wide open on set
Main Edition, May 20, 1999, Page 2

Filmmaker Stanley Kubrick came to know Nicole Kidman almost as intimately as her husband, Tom Cruise, while directing them in the sex scenes for "Eyes Wide Shut," the actress said.

  Main Edition, May 18, 1999, Valley: Generations of the Century (special section) Pages 6-7
It all began with a mouse

Disney made magic with Mickey,
movies and theme parks
Walt Disney built a global entertainment empire after moving his studio complex to Burbank, Calif.
Universal empire

Immigrant entrepreneur made
shooting stars his occupation
Universal Pictures founder Carl Laemmle transformed a chicken ranch into one of the most prosperous movie studios in Southern California.

  Main Edition, May 7, 1999, Page 2
Stardom's the pits,
Roberts finds out
Julia Roberts endured a barrage of criticism after photos taken of the actress during the premiere of "Notting Hill" revealed unshaved armpits.
No return of this Jedi,
Neeson says
Liam Neeson, who plays a Jedi knight in "Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace," told Redbook magazine he's quitting the movie business after 20 years. He later said he wasn't serious.
ABBA chanteuse
looks back in anger
Former ABBA member Agnetha Faeltskog does not look back fondly on her days with the wildly successful pop group. "It was horrible sometimes," she says.

Man's business
going under

Entrepreneur wins historic status
for famous San Diego cave
Preview Edition, May 2, 1999, Page 4

The millionaire businessman who owns Sunny Jim Cave has received notice that the landmark geological attraction will be designated a historic site.


Lincoln enthusiasts link up in Burbank
Glendale-Burbank Edition, April 18, 1999, Page 3

Illinois may be the Land of Lincoln, but the spirit of the nation's 16th president was alive and well Saturday in Burbank, where the Association of Lincoln Presenters held its annual convention.


Professor writes
career's last chapter
Glendale-Burbank Edition, March 7, 1999, Page 3

Veteran UCLA screenwriting professor Lew Hunter is retiring after 20 years of teaching and mentoring students that have gone on to distinguished careers in Hollywood.

Plenty to sneeze at

Dry winter triggering
allergy misery
Main Edition, March 6, 1999, Page 1

Dry, unseasonably warm winter weather conditions are helping launch the spring allergy season early in Southern California, experts say.


Pit bull owners rally
in support of pets
Main Edition, March 5, 1999, Page 1

Several pit bull owners and lovers of the breed rallied to try to counter negative publicity generated by a series of recent dog attacks in Los Angeles.

Misery Mouse Club

Disney announces
slumping profits
Main Edition, Jan. 28, 1999, Business Page 1

The long slump that had dragged down shares of The Walt Disney Co. resumed Wednesday as the entertainment giant reported worse-than-expected quarterly profits, particularly at ABC.

Veteran mailman
leaves stamp on street
Main Edition, Jan. 21, 1999, Page 3

Letter carrier Hank Gibbs is retiring after nearly two decades on his Northridge, Calif., route.

Web slinger

Comic book titan Stan Lee turns
his creative powers to the Internet
Main Edition, Jan. 18, 1999, Money & Careers Page 1

Veteran comic-book writer Stan Lee, who co-created Marvel Comics' Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, has lent his name to a Web site catering to comics fans.

Valley's Net gain

Firm will offer
blazing online access
Main Edition, Jan. 10, 1999, Page 1

A cable television company in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles is poised to begin offering its customers Internet access at speeds 100 times faster than conventional telephone modems.

Hooters franchise
going bust in NYC
Preview Edition, Jan. 3, 1999, Page 2

Hooters, the restaurant chain featuring buxom waitresses clad in T-shirts and shorts, is struggling to stay afloat in New York after the Manhattan outlet filed for bankruptcy.

Lewinsky whines,
dines in New York
Main Edition, Nov. 12, 1998, Page 2

During a visit to New York City, ex-White House intern Monica Lewinsky chewed out the staff of a fancy restaurant after fellow diners giggled at her and a photographer met her at the door as she tried to storm out.

Simi woman
builds bridges

Business owner helps open doors
for females in construction
Simi Valley Edition, Oct. 17, 1998, Page 1

A female structural engineer in Simi Valley, Calif., helps mentor women in the construction industry.


Gallery forbids blowing on mobiles
Preview Edition, Oct. 4, 1998, Page 7

Security guards at a San Francisco art museum must monitor patrons to prevent them from blowing on artist Alexander Calder's delicate mobiles.

Employers wake up to naps

Sleep time gaining favor
as way to boost productivity
Preview Edition, Oct. 4, 1998, Page 11

Backed by studies that show napping improves alertness, some companies are allowing short sleep periods to increase safety and output.

First lady of stone

Hillary Clinton remains stoic
as explicit report comes out
Main Edition, Sept. 13, 1998, Page 16

The day Kenneth Starr's graphic report on President Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky was released, Hillary Rodham Clinton stood beside her husband, as she has through six years of accusations and denials over his alleged infidelity.

New wines cause
sour grapes

Offended purists claim adding
fruit flavors perverts process
Main Edition, Sept. 13, 1998, Page 7

Veteran winemakers are horrified at wineries that are experimenting with fruit flavors to attract new customers.

Neighborhood spat
hinges on doors
Simi Valley Edition, Sept. 5, 1998, Page 3

A two-year squabble between a local businessman and avid photographer who added a photography studio to his home and his neighbor, a school board president who protested the addition, was reignited over a set of antique French doors.


Heritage Valley project
sees promise in history
Main Edition, Aug. 24, 1998, Page 1

A Ventura County, Calif., marketing campaign hopes to lure visitors to a region of vintage California architecture and small-town ambience.

His name spelled relief
across Southern California
Main Edition, Aug. 13, 1998, Page 1

Yes, there was a real Andy Gump. In the flesh. A dirt-poor Oklahoma farm boy who rose to become a millionaire by bailing out people in need. ... Andy Gump, king of the portable toilets, died Monday. He was 88.


for actors
Conejo Valley Edition, July 27, 1998, Page 1

Two actors fell in love and married after appearing in several regional theater productions together.


Shopping mall installs
electric vehicle station
Conejo Valley Edition, July 23, 1998, Page 1

A Thousand Oaks, Calif., shopping center has added a charging outlet for electric cars -- the first such site located in a retail center in Ventura County.


Female pilot seeks
second shot at space
Preview Edition, July 12, 1998, Page 15

America's first female astronaut candidate is hoping for a second chance to fly in space despite being passed over for male test pilots in the early 1960s.

Nude joyride ends
with teens' clothes call
Main Edition, March 29, 1998, Page 2

Two teen-agers driving naked through Tallahassee, Fla., had their joyride come to an embarrassing end when they ran into another car.

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