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Y 18 078
License plate on the Bradys' Chrysler station wagon.

Navajo word meaning hello or welcome, according to Mike. [
50 ]

Yataha Flats
Area at the bottom of the
Grand Canyon, according to Mike. [ 50 ]

Ye Olde Book Trove
Used bookstore in the Bradys' city. [
24 ]

Yearbook Committee
Group Marcia belongs to at
Fillmore Junior High School. [ 71 ]

"Yellow Flower With Many Petals"
"Indian" name given to Carol by
Chief Eagle Cloud during the Bradys' visit to the Grand Canyon. [ 51 ]

Local recreation center.
Mrs. Carson is its secretary. [ 2 ]

Yogi Bear
Hanna-Barbera cartoon character. While at the
Kings Island amusement park, Jan purchases a poster of Yogi Bear for Nancy, a girl she often babysits. The poster is accidentally switched with Mike's sketches of a proposed addition to the park -- the reason for the family's visit -- and Jan misplaces them on a canoe ride. [ 102 ]

Young Workman (Dennis M. Chun)
Kipula Construction Co. employee who unearths a tabu idol while working at a building site in Honolulu. [ 72 ]

You Too Can Be a Chef
Book Mike reads in order to help Marcia earn her cooking badge. [
8 ]

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