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Wakey Flakes
Breakfast cereal the Bradys eat.

"Wandering Blossom"
"Indian" name given to Cindy by
Chief Eagle Cloud during the Bradys' visit to the Grand Canyon. [ 51 ]

Warren (Joseph Tatner)
Peter's classmate who tries out for the school's "old-time vaudeville show" with an accordian act. [
45 ]

Washington Potatoes
Potato sack Greg uses to carry fish. [
16 ]

Water Fun Badge
Merit badge Marcia earns with Carol's help. [
8 ]

Watkins, Mr. (Lindsay Workman)  
Principal of Fillmore Junior High School and a member of the selection committee for Senior Banquet Night hostess. He announces Molly Webber's selection as hostess, noting that her speech -- co-written by Marcia -- "better captured the spirit of the event." [ 71 ]

"We Can Make the World a Whole Lot Brighter"
Ecologically themed "sure-fire hit song" Greg writes and intends to record alone before he discovers the use of
Mr. Dimsdale's studio will cost $150. The other kids pool their money and form the Brady Six to record the song as a group. Their plans are sabotaged by Peter's voice, which begins to change in the days shortly before their recording date. [ 64 ]

Birds flyin' high in search of a clear blue sky
While they're choppin' down the trees below them
Come take a stand and help us save the land
Let's go out and try to make it better
And maybe we can make the world a whole lot brighter
We can make the load a little lighter
Everybody has to try together
Don't you know it's now or never

Meadows once green are few and far between
And the rivers might run brown tomorrow
God made the land for each and every man
So we must do all we can to save it
And maybe we can make the world a whole lot brighter
We can make the load a little lighter
Everybody has to try together
Don't you know it's now or never

Picket sign Cindy carries in protest of the boys' refusal to share their clubhouse. [
2 ]

Webber, Molly (Debi Storm)  
Shy, awkward student at Fillmore Junior High School. As a prank, she's nominated for Senior Banquet Night hostess along with Patty Hobart, the most popular girl in the class. She becomes an arrogant snob after Marcia helps her overcome her shyness. [ 71 ]

Marcia on Molly: "Poor Molly. She's not really that attractive. She's the shyest, the most -- Well, she's completely wrong to be Banquet Night hostess."
Molly: "It's amazing how popular I've become now that I changed my looks and personality. The whole school's talking about me."

Used bookstore located on East
Elm. [ 24 ]

"What Do You Think?"
Letter writer to the newspaper advice column
Dear Libby who is concerned that her boyfriend Ralph is only interested in her body. Her letter appears on page 5, section B of the Daily Chronicle. [ 1 ]

Dear Libby,
My boyfriend Ralph says he loves me for my mind but for my birthday he bought me a bikini.
(signed) "What Do You Think?"
Dear Libby's reply:

I think the same thing you think.

Whitehead, Prof. Hubert (Vincent Price)
Paranoid archaeology professor who holds the Brady boys hostage in an ancient burial cave on
Oahu when he suspects them of stealing artifacts. Shamed by Mike's discovery of his deed, he pledges to report the cave's location to the state and is later named developer and curator of the Whitehead Wing of a Hawaiian museum. [ 73, 74 ]

Prof. Whitehead (to the boys): "I've turned my back on the academic world. There are treasures buried in this cave that are worth a fortune -- a fortune! And they're mine, all mine!"

Whitfield, Col. Dick (William Wellman Jr.)  
Fillmore Junior High School's most famous graduate, Whitfield is an astronaut scheduled to travel to the moon on an upcoming mission. He is named the guest of honor for Senior Banquet Night and is escorted by Marcia and Molly Webber after he and Principal Watkins agree that both girls deserve to be hostess. [ 71 ]

Col. Dick Whitfield: "I met Molly in the principal's office. She was telling Mr. Watkins all you'd done for her."
Marcia on Col. Whitfield: "He'll never forget me. I stepped on his feet seven times."

Whole Truth, The
Peter's column in
Fillmore Junior High School's newspaper. Writing under the byline "Scoop" Brady, he begins by chronicling bake sales and the success of the school's debating team and girl's basketball team. Later, he uses the column to publish glowing stories about friends like Iris, Harvey and Diane and writes a ridiculously flattering profile of his science teacher, Mr. Price, in the hope that the man will give him a higher grade. [ 68 ]

Peter: "I'm gonna write a column that'll stand Fillmore Junior High on its ear!"

Williams, Doug
Fillmore Junior High School student who takes Marcia to a school dance. [ 67 ]

"Willow Dancing in Wind"
"Indian" name given to Marcia by
Chief Eagle Cloud during the Bradys' visit to the Grand Canyon. [ 51 ]

Wilton, Jenny (Hope Sherwood)  
Marcia's best friend whom she later uninvites to her slumber party after she mistakenly accuses her of adding a demeaning caption to Marcia's sketch of George Washington. Marcia assumes Jenny is guilty when she realizes that they share the same desk in two consecutive class periods. Once Marcia's friend Paula admits to the offense, Marcia re-invites Jenny to the party. [ 30 ]

Winters, Art (Dick Winslow)  
Daily Chronicle reporter who accompanies a photographer to the Bradys' to interview Bobby and Cindy about their attempt to break the world teeter-totter record. [ 56 ]

Art Winters (to Bobby): "You better be careful, young man. You know, this is a pretty big ambition, setting a world's record."
Winters' story in the Daily Chronicle:

Bradys Go For Record
Bobby and Cindy Brady set out yesterday to break the world's teeter-totter record. They began their assault on the record at 8:03 in the morning and as of the taking of these exclusive photographs the two have been teetering and/or tottering for several hours.
The current record as set by Ralph Nelson, 19, and Alan Rudolph, 20, is slightly over 124 hours. The young Bradys feel that with a serious effort, the record is within their grasp.

Photo caption:

Bobby Brady (10) and Cindy Brady (9 1/2) are flying high trying to break the existing teeter-totter record.

"Wizard of Oz, The"
Greg recommends L. Frank Baum's 1900 fantasy as a more age-appropriate book when Cindy reads Ernest Hemingway's
"A Farewell to Arms" to appear mature. [ 67 ]

Women's Club
Social organization Carol belongs to. Its chairman is
Gloria and Carol is vice-chairman. [ 47 ]

Picket sign Marcia carries in protest of the boys' refusal to share their clubhouse. [
2 ]

Wood, David
Boy whose letter in the
Daily Chronicle's Father of the Year Essay Contest is selected as one of three finalists. [ 7 ]

Picket sign created as part of the "Save Woodland Park" effort. [
47 ]

Woodland Park
Neighborhood park threatened by the planned construction of a courthouse on the site. The Brady children play baseball and volleyball there. The park is saved when Mike suggests building the courthouse on the city dump. [
47 ]

Mike (to Mr. Phillips): "Woodland Park is very important to my family."

Picket sign created for the "Save Woodland Park" campaign. [
47 ]

Woodley Hills
Neighborhood where Mike and Carol consider purchasing a large, white house with shutters. They plan to renovate it and paint the kitchen yellow. [
18 ]

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