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City where Alice claims to have a sick aunt, after she originally said the woman lived in Seattle. [
6 ]

"Sacred Oath, The"
Pledge Bobby swears to when he insists to his brothers that he didn't take Cindy's doll, Kitty Karry-All. [
3 ]

Bio-degradeable laundry detergent that claims to clean "all things better all ways." The Bradys and Alice are cast to promote Safe in a television commercial directed by Skip Farnum. They agree to do the commercial only after determing that "new and improved" Safe is more effective than their current brand, Best. Farnum fires them after Myrna Carter's advice ruins their "natural" acting style. He honors their contract by paying the family with 2,000 boxes of the detergent. It's also the detergent Bobby uses to overload the washing machine after dirtying his nicest outfit while rescuing a cat. [
59 ]

The commercial's script:

Husband: "Hi, honey. Here's that box of Safe you wanted from the market."
Wife: "Thanks, dear. And just in time! I was down to my last cupful of Safe."
Husband: "So was the market. Safe really outsells all other brands."
Wife: "That's because Safe cleans all things better all ways. I just couldn't do without Safe. It's the only brand I feel safe with." . . .

Molly Webber's friend. [
71 ]

Sally Soapmaster
Toy for sale in Driscoll Toy Shop. [
22 ]

Salvation Army, The
Charity in the Bradys' city. [
66 ]

Sam's Butcher Shop
Neighborhood business run by Alice's boyfriend, Sam Franklin. Offerings include fresh beef tongue (55/lb.), fish, lobster, crab, triangle tip roast ($1.40/lb.), lean ground sirloin (92/lb.), beef ribs (53/lb.), smoked hams and chicken livers (59/lb.). Sam hires Greg to make deliveries starting at 4 p.m. and all day Saturday for $1.50/hr. The previous 16-year-old delivery boy quit after Sam refused to give him "fringe benefits" -- free filet mignons. [
62 ]

Leader of the Pemaquid Indians who met the Pilgrims that landed at Plymouth Rock. Peter portrays him in Greg's short film, "Our Pilgrim Fathers." [
29 ]

Samuels, Hamilton (Oliver McGowan)  
Publisher of the Daily Chronicle and a member of the committee that selects the winner of the Father of the Year Essay Contest. [ 7 ]

Hamilton Samuels (referring to Marcia's letter nominating Mike for Father of the Year): "We've been conducting this contest for many years and we've never read a tribute like that."

Character in a television sopa opera that Alice watches. Her lover is Lance. [
2 ]

Saunders, Mrs.
Marcia's English teacher at Fillmore Junior High School and the target of a satirical student puppet show during Jamboree Night. [
68 ]

Bumper sticker Mr. Clifton agrees to print for free in the "Save Woodland Park" campaign. [
47 ]

Save Woodland Park Committee
Women's Club group Carol volunteers to lead. [
47 ]

School Council
Student governing body at Fillmore Junior High School. Greg notes that he was a member for three semesters in his race for student body president. [
13 ]

Schoolteacher (Lindsay Workman)
Faculty member at Peter's elementary school who helps select the performers in the "old-time vaudeville show." [
45 ]

Schultz, Mr.
Owner of Schultz's Delicatessen. He purchases an ad on Page 3 of the program for Fillmore Junior High School's production of "Romeo and Juliet." [
52 ]

Schultz's Delicatessen
Business owned by Mr. Schultz in the Bradys' neighborhood. Schultz purchases an ad on Page 3 of the program for Fillmore Junior High School's production of "Romeo and Juliet." [
52 ]

"Scoop" Brady
Peter's nom de plume for his newspaper column, the
Whole Truth. [ 68 ]

Scott (Casey Morgan)  
Greg's classmate who helps during his campaign for student body president of Fillmore Junior High School. [ 13 ]

City where Alice claims to have an sick aunt, though she may be lying. She later claims the woman lives in Sacramento. [
6 ]

Alice (to Mike and Carol): "She's getting along in years and now she's developed this ailment in her liver or her kidneys -- one of those things in there."
Also the former hometown of Marcia's classmate, Linda. When Marcia introduces her to Carol, Carol says she has lots of friends in Seattle. [ 17 ]

Second Street
Street in the Bradys' neighborhood. The city junkyard is located near Second and Fifth streets. [
53 ]

Senior Banquet Night
Annual event at Fillmore Junior High School. Each year a senior girl is selected hostess and escorts the banquet's guest of honor. The hostess is selected by a committee of Principal Watkins and three faculty members. [
71 ]

Molly's speech:

Mr. Watkins, and members of the selection committee, Senior Banquet Night has always been the highlight of our graduation exercises. And the highlight of my last year in junior high has been working on the Readers and Writers Club. I've learned many new things here at Fillmore Junior High School . . .
Marcia's speech:

. . . And so the honor of being hostess is one that we will remember long after we say goodbye to our school. And to have that honor would the high point of my years at Fillmore Junior High School. Thank you.

seven iron
Mike's "lucky" golf club, the one he used to make a hole in one. [
3 ]

Sewing Badge
Merit badge Marcia plans to earn with Carol's help. [
8 ]

Name of Greg's hot rod model above his bed. The car's number is 5.

Sheraton Waikiki
Hotel where the Bradys and Alice stay during their visit to Honolulu. Carol hopes Mike will buy her either a coral pin or jade bracelet in the hotel's gift shop. [
72, 73, 74 ]

Sam's playful term for Bobby which hurts the boy's feelings. [
62 ]

Siegel, Mrs.
Sam's Butcher Shop customer who lives at 231 Elm. Greg delivers veal and a porterhouse steak to her one afternoon. [
62 ]

Skip Farnum Film Enterprises
Television director Skip Farnum's production company. [
59 ]

"Sleeping Lizard"
"Indian" name given to Peter by Chief Eagle Cloud during the Bradys' visit to the Grand Canyon after Peter rejects "Middle Buffalo." [
51 ]

"Safety monitor" abbreviation on an armband Bobby wears at Clinton Avenue Elementary School. He's picked for the duty when no one volunteers. [
79 ]

Bobby: "Safety monitor? SM should stand for snitch monitor."

Section in the Daily Chronicle newspaper.

"Sourpuss, Mr."
Derisive nickname for stodgy Fillmore Junior High School science teacher Mr. Price. [
68 ]

Spencer, Mrs. (Dani Nolan)
Tina Spencer's mother who rewards Peter with dozens of toys after he saves the little girl from a falling shelf at Driscoll Toy Shop. [
22 ]

Spencer, Tina (Melanie Baker)
Little girl Peter saves from a falling shelf at Driscoll Toy Shop. [
22 ]

Pawtuxet Indian who taught the Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony to improve their crops with fish fertilizer. Bobby portrays him in Greg's short film, "Our Pilgrim Fathers." [
29 ]

"Squaw in Waiting"
"Indian" name given to Alice by Chief Eagle Cloud during the Bradys' visit to the Grand Canyon. [
51 ]

Designation the family gives to a battered sailboat they restore. The boat was given to Mike by Joe Huston after Mike designed an addition to his marina. [
79 ]

Carol: "It doesn't look very seaworthy. As a matter of fact, it doesn't even look very bathtub-worthy."

"Stalking Wolf"
"Indian" name given to Greg by Chief Eagle Cloud during the Bradys' visit to the Grand Canyon. [
51 ]

Greg: "That's what all the girls call me too."

Standish, Myles
Professional soldier who sailed from England on the Mayflower with the Pilgrims and helped settle Plymouth Colony in 1620. Bobby portrays him in Greg's short film, "Our Pilgrim Fathers." [
29 ]

Greg's classmate at Fillmore Junior High School. [
17 ]

Steve (Randy Lane)
Peter's friend who declines an invitation to a party he throws for himself. [
22 ]

Steve (Harlen Carraher)
Bobby's classmate at Clinton Avenue Elementary School. When Bobby attempts to cite him for chewing gum during his tenure as safety monitor, Steve swallows the evidence. [
79 ]

Stevens, The
Mike and Carol's friends. [
14 ]

Jan's friend. [
66 ]

University pennant hanging in the boys' backyard clubhouse. [
2 ]

Stokey, Mr. (Fred Pinkard)  
Postman who delivers a telescope for the boys. [ 6 ]

Mr. Stokey (to Alice): "Lots of luck with the telescope and give my regards to Jupiter."

Store Owner (Snag Werris)
Retailer who sells Peter the supplies for his "old-time vaudeville show" magic act. [
45 ]

Store owner (to Mike and Peter): "You know, vaudeville ain't dead. It ain't feelin' too good but it's not dead."

Treat Alice improvises for Peter, combining his three favorite desserts: strawberry shortcake, banana split and hot fudge sundae. [
22 ]

Student Council
Governing body at Westdale High School. Warren Mulaney defeats Greg for student council president. [
57 ]

Carol's affectionate term for Cindy. [
67 ]

Suite H
Honeymoon suite at the unnamed hotel where Mike and Carol stay after their wedding. [
0 ]

Supermarket Bowling League
Sporting league Sam Franklin belongs to. Semi-final participants include the meat cutters and a bread-and-pastry team. [
48 ]

Susie (Karen Peters)
Guest at a party Peter throws for himself to debut his new personality. [
54 ]

Suzanne (Suzanne Roth)
Friend of Marcia and Molly Webber. [
71 ]

Suzanne: "Hi, Molly. It's terrific the way you've changed. We were just talking about it."

"Sweet Someone"
Song Don Ho and Sam Kapu croon for Bobby and Cindy during their visit to Hawaii. [
72 ]

Sweet someone, whoever you may be
Sweet someone, you suit me to a T
Although you pay no attention to me at all
One kiss and needless to mention I had to fall
How I wonder, who's keeping us apart
Don't blunder and give away your heart
Until you whisper 'I love you' and then I'll know
Sweet someone, that you belong to me . . .

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