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Boyfriend of a letter writer to advice columnist Dear Libby. His birthday gift -- a bikini -- worries his girlfriend, who signs her letter, "What Do You Think?" [
1 ]

Randolph, J.P. (E.G. Marshall)  
Principal of Fillmore Junior High School who punishes Marcia for a remark her friend Paula adds to a sketch of George Washington. Marcia is forced to stay one hour after school every day for a week. [ 30 ]

J.P. Randolph (to Mike): "Marcia's always been an excellent student but, well, we do have to preserve discipline."

Marcia's classmate at Fillmore Junior High School. [
17 ]

Readers and Writers Club
Extracurricular group Molly Webber belongs to at Fillmore Junior High School. [
71 ]

"Real Frantic"
Jan's pseudonym in a letter to the newspaper advice column Dear Libby. [
1 ]

Redwood Catering Service
Caterers at Mike and Carol's wedding. "Weddings - Banquets - Parties" their grey van reads. [
0 ]

Remington, Mr.
Kings Island executive who, with Mr. Dempsey, is scheduled to receive Mike's plans for an addition to the amusement park. [
102 ]

Mr. Remington (to Mike): "I'm sorry, Mr. Brady, but we do have a plane to catch."
Mike: "Well, I could phone my office and have copies of the sketches sent in no time at all."
Remington: "I'm afraid that would be too late. See, we have to make the decision in the morning."

Women's Club member who arranges a press conference on the steps of city hall in the "Save Woodland Park" campaign. [
47 ]

Greg's classmate who rounds up 14 votes out of 27 students in his class during Greg's campaign for student body president of Fillmore Junior High School. [
13 ]

Street in the Bradys' city where Layton's used bookstore is located. [
24 ]

Street in the Bradys' neighborhood. The Friend in Need Society is located at Riverton and Eighth Street. [
24 ]

Greg's classmate at Fillmore Junior High School. [
11 ]

Character in Cindy's school play at Dixie Canyon Elementary School. [
5 ]

Little League baseball team Greg, Peter and Bobby belong to. Greg is No. 1, Peter is No. 7 and Bobby is No. 3. [
5, 8 ]

Rockfords, The
Mike and Carol's friends. [
6 ]

"Romeo and Juliet"
William Shakespeare's 16th-century play about the doomed love affair of Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet. Marcia auditions the role of a nurse in Fillmore Junior High School's staging of the classic drama but she is cast instead as Juliet opposite Harold Axelrod's Romeo. Peter and Jan are selected to play palace guards. After Marcia develops an arrogant attitude, the play's director, Miss Goodwin, casts Marcia's understudy, Tina, in the role. Marcia ultimately settles for the role of Juliet's mother, Lady Capulet. [
52 ]

Ronnie (Charlie Martin Smith)
Gullible high school student who agrees to purchase Greg's battered convertible. Greg backs out of the deal and instead sells it to a junkyard for $50. [
53 ]

Room 312
Room Mr. and Mrs. Manners stay in at Mike and Carol's honeymoon hotel. [
0 ]

"Row, Row, Row Your Boat"
Song the Bradys sing on the way to the Grand Canyon. [
49 ]

"Rudiments of Baseball"
Book Carol reads in order to teach the sport to the boys. Greg is later seen reading it. [
8, 52 ]

Rudolph, Alan  
Twenty-year-old college student from Farrowville who sets the world teeter-totter record, just over 124 hours, with 19-year-old Ralph Nelson. [ 56 ]

Rusty (Stephen Liss)  
Greg's campaign manager during his race against Marcia for student body president of Fillmore Junior High School. Greg later fires him after he suggests starting a false rumor to embarrass Marcia. [ 13 ]

Ruthie (Barbara Henderson)  
Marcia's slumber party guest who, in a game of Truth or Dare, refuses to say whether she's been kissed by Hank Holeman. As her "dare," she's forced to go upstairs and see what the Brady boys are doing. [ 30 ]

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