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Pakaya, Jimmy (Michele Campo)
Indian boy who runs away from his home near the
Grand Canyon because of his grandfather's devotion to Native American culture. He helps Bobby and Cindy find their way back to the Bradys' camp at the bottom of the canyon when they become lost. They return the favor by bringing him food later that night. [ 50, 51 ]

Jimmy: "I'm tired of being an Indian. I want to be an astronaut."

"Palace Guards"
Peter and Jan's roles in
Fillmore Junior High's production of "Romeo and Juliet." Peter's line is "Hark!" Jan follows with "Who goes there?" According to Alice, Jan delivers her line before Peter during the performance. [ 52 ]

Cat belonging to
Clinton Avenue Elementary School student Jill. Bobby rescues the cat from a condemned building on his way home from school after Jill pleads for his help. [ 79 ]

Parker, Wes (Himself)
Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman and the fiance of Greg's
Fillmore Junior High School math teacher, Linda O'Hara. [ 11 ]

Parker (to Greg, after signing an autograph): "I'll make a deal with you. If you get an A in math you can trade that in for two tickets to the season's opener."

Comic strip published in the
Daily Chronicle.

Pearl Harbor
Hawaiian port on
Oahu and the site of a devastating Japanese air attack on U.S. naval forces in 1941. The Bradys and Alice visit the memorial built across the sunken hull of the U.S.S. Arizona. [ 72 ]

Plaque at the Arizona memorial:

Dedicated to the eternal memory of our gallant shipmates in the U.S.S. Arizona who gave their lives in action 7 December 1941 . . . May God Make His Face To Shine Upon Them And Grant Them Peace

Greg's term for Bobby after rescuing him from the outdoor ledge of the girls' second-story bedroom window. [
62 ]

Peter's friend who invites him to a party. He's unhappy to learn that he's the fourth person invited. [
54 ]

"Perry Mason"
CBS television drama Alice watches. [
70 ]

"Peter the Great"
Peter's stage name for his magic act at his school's "old-time vaudeville show." [
45 ]

"Peter the Perfect"
Marcia's snide nickname for Peter after he brags of saving
Tina Spencer at Driscoll Toy Shop. [ 22 ]

Pfeiffer, Mrs.
Mike and Carol's friend. [
14 ]

Phantom of the Opera, The
Mask based on Lon Chaney's memorable silent film role that Greg wears while trying to scare Marcia and her slumber party guests. [
30 ]

Greg's friend who sells him a surfboard. [
62 ]

Phillips' Bookstore
Used bookstore located on South
Grand. [ 24 ]

Phillips, Harry (Jack Collins)
President of Mike's architectural firm. He enjoys throwing darts in his office. MORE TO COME. [
47 ]

Phillips: "I get some of my best ideas shooting darts."

Pierce, Lance (Bill Mullikin)  
Reporter with television station KTRY who comes to the Bradys' with a cameraman to cover the announcement that Mike has been selected the Daily Chronicle's Father of the Year. [ 7 ]

European artist who creates a portrait of Carol's aunt
Jenny when she visits his "pad" on the Riviera for lunch. She gives the abstract sketch to Jan as a gift. [ 66 ]

Pilgrim Festival
Grade-school event at either
P.S. 34 or P.S. 43 where Alice portrayed Pilgrim Priscilla Alden in either 1934 or 1943. [ 29 ]

Play Committee
Parent committee assisting with
Fillmore Junior High School's production of "Romeo and Juliet." Carol is the committee chairman and helps lay out the play's program. [ 52 ]

Carol (to Marcia): "I volunteered to be the chairman because I wanted your school to present a good play. I didn't want to help you get a good part."

Plymouth Colony
First permanent Puritan settlement in America, established by the Pilgrims on the western shore of Cape Cod Bay in December, 1620. The creation of Plymouth Colony is chronicled in Greg's short film,
Our Pilgrim Fathers. [ 29 ]

Pompidou, Georges
Premier and president of France's Fifth Republic. Carol's aunt
Jenny cuts short her visit with the Bradys to attend a dinner in his honor at the U.S. Embassy in Paris. [ 66 ]

"porkchops and applesauce"
Phrase Peter repeats to his family in a brief attempt to emulate
Humphrey Bogart. [ 54 ]

Peter (to Alice): "You say we're having porkchops and applesauce? That's shwell."

Postman (John Wheeler)  
Mail carrier who delivers a registered letter notifying Alice that she's won a prize in a jingle contest for Everprest Fabric. [ 32 ]

Price, Mr. (Milton Parsons)
Peter's stodgy science teacher at
Fillmore Junior High School who tells his students jokes in Latin. Greg and Marcia are his former pupils. Known as "Mr. Sourpuss," Price is the subject of a ridiculously flattering profile in Peter's newspaper column, The Whole Truth, after Peter receives a D on his final. He had previously been a B student in the class. [ 68 ]

Marcia on Mr. Price: "He's the toughest teacher I ever had."
Peter's column on Mr. Price:

There have been many great men in our country -- Washington, Lincoln. But we have a man in our school who is just as great -- Mr. Price. . . .
Mr. Price (to Peter): "I've been a teacher too long not to recognize a soft-soap job. . . . Your flattery was as transparent as a membraneous appendange of a lepidoptera." (the wing of a butterfly)

"Prince Victor"
Character in Cindy's school play. He's turned into a bullfrong by wicked witch's spell. [
5 ]

Mike's affectionate nickname for Jan and Marcia. [
4, 7 ]

Pringle, Mr. (James Milhollin)  
Front desk clerk at Mike and Carol's honeymoon hotel. [ 0 ]

Mike on Mr. Pringle: "It's obvious this gentleman doesn't dig the modern generation."

Sign on the boys' backyard clubouse. Jan steals it and hangs in on the girls' bedroom door. [
2 ]

Revised sign the boys' hang on their clubhouse door. [
2 ]

"Private College Hearing; Public Urged To Act"
Daily Chronicle headline in the same edition with the story of Peter's rescue of Tina Spencer at Driscoll Toy Shop. [ 22 ]

"Prof. Marcia Higgins"
Carol's nickname for Marcia when she sets out to remake
Molly Webber's looks and personality. A reference to the fictional character Henry Higgins, who helps transform Eliza Doolittle in the popular musical, My Fair Lady. [ 71 ]

P.S. 34
Public school where Alice may have played Pilgrim
Priscilla Alden in a student production in 1943. [ 29 ]

P.S. 43
Public school where Alice may have played Pilgrim
Priscilla Alden in a student production in 1934. [ 29 ]

Mike's affectionate nickname for Cindy. [
5 ]

"Pussycat Alice
Alice's term for herself in describing a brief fling with show business. [
59 ]

Alice: "For one brief, shining moment I was Pussycat Alice."

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