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The third largest of the Hawaiian islands. The Bradys and Alice travel there when
Mr. Phillips asks Mike to inspect the construction of a building he designed in Honolulu. [ 72, 73, 74 ]

Oak Street
City in the Bradys' neighborhood. The
No. 2 and No. 56 buses stop there. [ 53 ]

Sign posted at
Clinton Avenue Elementary School. [ 67 ]

O'Hara, Linda (Gigi Perreau)
Greg's math teacher at
Fillmore Junior High School and the object of his unrequited crush. Her fiance is Dodger first baseman Wes Parker. [ 17 ]

Greg's undelivered love letter to Miss O'Hara:

My true love Linda,
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate. O, my love is like a red, red rose that's newly sprung in June. O, my love is like the melody that's sweetly played in tune. . . .
Eternally yours,
Mike (to Miss O'Hara): "I'd like to pay you a compliment. You know, if I'd had a teacher that looked like you, I'd have gotten an F too."

Old Press, The
Used bookstore located on
Chase Boulevard. [ 24 ]

Oliver (Robbie Rist)
Carol's nephew who comes to live with the Bradys. MORE TO COME. [
111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116 ]

Tiki statue at
Oahu's sacred royal burial ground that Prof. Whitehead talks to. [ 74 ]

Prof. Whitehead: "Oh, Oliver. Oliver, how could I have been so careless? I should have covered the entrance to the cave better. Those children are going to ruin everything. I've got to get rid of them."

Onassis, Aristotle and Jacqueline
Greek shipping tycoon and his wife, the widow of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. He invites Carol's aunt
Jenny to a birthday party on his yacht but Jenny refuses to cancel a Peace Corps assignment in Bolivia to attend. Jenny calls Jackie Onassis "a real trip." [ 66 ]

One Night of Love
Marcia's perfume. [
2 ]

"Operation Bounce Back"
Mike's casual term for the family's attempt to cure Bobby's fear of being injured by borrowing a trampoline. [
36 ]

Oscar's Cyclery
Bicycle shop where Mike and Carol plan to purchase a bike for Bobby's birthday. [
14 ]

Our Pilgrim Fathers
Greg's short film for school chronicling the Pilgrims' journey from England on the Mayflower and the establishment of Plymouth Colony in 1620. The amateur production "written, produced and directed by Gregory Brady" received an A. The cast includes Mike as Mayflower Captain
Christopher Jones, Alice as Plymouth Colony Governor John Carver, Peter as Pilgrim John Alden and Indian Samoset, Bobby as Pilgrim Myles Standish and Indian Squanto, and Jan as Pilgrim Priscilla Alden. Mike, Carol, Alice, Marcia and Cindy also appear as unnamed Pilgrims. The film is subtitled Through Hardship to Freedom. [ 29 ]

Greg (on his teacher's reaction): "She didn't think it was a great movie but she sure thought I showed how tough it was to be a Pilgrim."

Our Street
Comic strip published in the
Daily Chronicle.

Outstanding Citizen Award
Monthly award given by the
Daily Chronicle. Recipients are given a plaque and a $50 check. [ 22 ]

"Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law"
ABC television drama Alice watches. [
70 ]

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