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Mack, Marjorie
Woman whose wedding is reported by the
Daily Chronicle. The story of her wedding shares the page (Section B, page 5) with the Dear Libby column and the continuation of a story about a college dispute. [ 1 ]

"Make Your Barracks Beautiful"
Military base campaign that won Alice's cousin
Emma the Gen. Haggerty Award. [ 69 ]

"Makr Maldrill"
Cindy's garbled transcription of
Mark Millard's name in a telephone message for Alice. [ 48 ]

Man (Jackie Coogan)
Cranky, single homeowner who rejects Bobby and Cindy's request to sign a petition to save
Woodland Park. He later signs it for Alice. [ 47 ]

Man (to Bobby and Cindy): "You radicals sure start young!"

Mandy (Cris Callow)
UNKNOWN. Scenes with this character were apparently cut after the episode entered syndication. [
73 ]

Manners, Mr. and Mrs.
Young couple checking into Room 312 of the unnamed hotel when Mike and Carol arrive for their honeymoon. [
0 ]

Maple Street
Steep neighborhood street where the boys coast their bikes. [
36 ]

Marge (Hilary Thompson)
Kings Island employee who works at a football toss booth. Her brother works at the park as a costumed character. [ 102 ]

Greg (to Marge): "I'm going to keep throwing until you tell me your name."
Marge: "Well, to save you a dislocated shoulder, it's Marge."

Owner of Marie's Cosmetics and
Beebe Gallini's makeup industry rival. [ 16 ]

Marie's Cosmetics
Competitior of The Beebe Gallini Cosmetics Company. [
16 ]

Marlowe, Miss (Tracy Reed)  
Dixie Canyon Elementary School teacher and Mrs. Engstrom's assistant in producing the school play, with 26 speaking parts, and the band concert, with 60 musicians. [ 5 ]

Carol's friend. According to Carol, she swears by the
Daily Chronicle's astrology column. [ 16, 57, 60 ]

Mike (to Carol): "I've got a flash for you -- your friend Martha's a fruitcake."
Carol: "Agreed."

Carol on Martha: "She never stops talking!"

Martin, Carol Ann (Florence Henderson)
Carol's first married name. [
0 ]

Alice: Mrs. Martin is a lovely woman.
Greg: She's outtasight, Dad.
Peter: Groovy!
Bobby: I think she's neato.
Mike: Well, that makes it unanimous. I think she's pretty special myself.

Martin, Cynthia (Susan Olsen)
Presumably, Cindy's name at birth. [
0 ]

Martin, Jan (Eve Plumb)
Presumably, Jan's name at birth. [
0 ]

Martin, Marcia (Maureen McCormick)
Presumably, Marcia's name at birth. [
0 ]

Martin, Mr.
Carol's unnamed first husband and the biological father of Marcia, Jan and Cindy. [
0 ]

Carol (to Mike): "A few years ago, I thought it was the end of the world."

"Mayor Seeks Budget Boost / Board To Speak"
Daily Chronicle headline in the same edition with the story of Bobby and Cindy's attempt to break the world teeter-totter record. [ 56 ]

Mayor's Representative (Leon Lontoc)
Honolulu civic employee who hosts a luau honoring the Bradys and Prof. Whitehead for the discovery of the sacred royal burial ground during the family's trip to Oahu. [ 74 ]

McIntyres, The
Owners of an allegedly haunted house in the Bradys' neighborhood. [
18 ]

Meir, Golda
Prime minister of Israel who gives Carol's aunt
Jenny a shofar, a traditional Jewish horn. Jenny presents it to Marcia as a gift. "You blow it on Rosh Hashanah," Jenny tells her. [ 66 ]

Mercola Building
Building where
Mr. Dimsdale's recording studio is located. [ 64 ]

Meredith, Mrs.
Fillmore Junior High School faculty member who selects student talent for Jamboree Night. She asks Peter's friend Diane to perform a solo at the event after reading Peter's newspaper column on her ability. [ 68 ]

Merediths, The
Mike and Carol's friends. [
14 ]

"Middle Buffalo"
"Indian" name given to Peter by
Chief Eagle Cloud during the Bradys' visit to the Grand Canyon. When Peter frowns at the name, the chief suggets "Sleeping Lizard." [ 51 ]

Millard, Mark (Steve Dunne)
Alice's old friend who later reappears in her life and tries to swindle her with a "very unusual investment opportunity." Married six times, he is an incurable gambler according to Mike's friend in the district attorney's office. [
48 ]

Alice on Mark Millard: "We were in school together. . . . He was the handsomest, most charming boy in the class. I still remember how my knees used to melt whenever he looked at me."
Millard on Alice: "You've blossomed with the years, Alice."

Minister (Dabbs Greer)  
Reverend who marries Mike and Carol on a Saturday at Mr. and Mrs. Tyler's home. [ 0 ]

Minkus, Billy
Glee Club member who says that Bobby "couldn't carry a tune if it had a handle on it," according to Peter. [ 40 ]

"Miss Protocol"
Carol nickname for Marcia when she ushers her sisters out of the room so that Carol can talk to Mike on the telephone before their wedding. [
0 ]

"Miss Rah-Rah"
Marcia's derisive term for
Kathy Lawrence, the girl who beat her for a spot on Fillmore Junior High School's cheerleading squad. [ 57 ]

"Montague, Romeo"
Juliet Capulet's doomed lover in Shakespeare's
"Romeo and Juliet." Nerdy Harold Axelrod is cast in the role opposite Marcia's Juliet. Marcia is later replaced. [ 52 ]

Picket sign Peter creates for the "Save Woodland Park" campaign. [
47 ]

Mulaney, Warren (Gary Rist)  
Greg's classmate at Westdale High School. He beats Greg for the first string basketball team after previously defeating him for student council president. Greg tries to forbid Marcia from dating him but Warren ends up with Kathy Lawrence, the girl who beat Marcia for cheerleader at Fillmore Junior High School. [ 57 ]

Greg on Warren: "The crumb bugs me worse than anybody I know! You name it -- anybody!"

Alice's sister. [
6 ]

Oops! Alice once refers to her as Myrna.
Alice (to Myrtle): "Things have kind of changed around here, Myrt. Now that Mr. Brady's married I'm just not needed here anymore. Who needs an old Victrola when stereo comes in?"

"My Darling Clementine"
Song the Bradys sing on the way to the
Grand Canyon. [ 50 ]

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