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Character in a television soap opera Alice watches. His lover is Sandra. [
2 ]

Larry (Jimmy Bracken)
Peter's football teammate who teases him for being a Glee Club member. In practice he plays defensive end. [
40 ]

Larry (to Peter): "I wouldn't want to hurt the star of the Glee Club."

Larson, Mrs.
Customer of Sam's Butcher Shop. [
48 ]

Lawrence, Kathy (Sheri Cowart)  
Marcia's classmate at Fillmore Junior High School who tries to boost Peter's spirits by asking him to describe a science fiction movie airing on television that week. She later defeats Marcia for a spot on the school's cheerleading squad. Greg asks Kathy out in retaliation for Marcia dating his high school rival, Warren Mulaney. [ 54, 57 ]

Kathy (to Peter): "You took the trouble to help us. Attractive boys aren't usually so nice."
Greg (to Kathy): "I really dig the way you lead those cheers."
The Fillmore Junior High School cheer:

F-F, F-I-L,
L-L, L-M-O,
O-O, O-R-E,
Fillmore Junior High!

Used bookstore located on Riverside. [
24 ]

Leeds, Lloyd
Student in Greg's English class at Westdale High School. Greg says he wants to meet Marcia. [
52 ]

A U.S. senator who has a dozen roses and a marriage proposal delivered to the home of Carol's aunt Jenny. She turns him down. [
66 ]

Linda (Teresa Warder)
Marcia's classmate at Fillmore Junior High School who recently moved from Seattle. [
17 ]

Glee Club member whose house is three blocks from the Bradys. [
40 ]

Greg's classmate at Fillmore Junior High School. [
17 ]

Liston, Mr. and Mrs.
The Bradys' neighbors who add a room onto their house. Cindy overhears Mr. Liston say he fears that his mother-in-law will visit and never leave once the room is finished. [
32 ]

"Little Bear Who Loses Way"
"Indian" name given to Bobby by Chief Eagle Cloud during the Bradys' visit to the Grand Canyon. [
51 ]

"Little Owl"
Indian nickname Bobby uses when dressed in a Native American costume that Cindy later wears without his permission. [
2 ]

Lloyd's Stereo Center
Store where Alice claims the high-fidelity stereo she wins in jingle contest sponsored by Everprest Fabric. [
32 ]

Picket sign created as part of the "Save Woodland Park" effort. [
47 ]

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