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Kapu, Sam
Hawaiian musician and singer who performs with
Don Ho at the Polynesian Palace. He and Ho croon "Sweet Someone" for Bobby and Cindy during the Bradys' visit to Honolulu. [ 72 ]

Karen (Carolyn Reed)  
Guest at Marcia's slumber party. [ 30 ]

Kartoon King (Hal Smith)
Children's television personality and a show of the same name that Bobby and Cindy watch. MORE TO COME. [
56 ]

"Katchoo King"
Alice's nickname for
Tiger when she thinks Jan is allergic to him. [ 4 ]

Wooden sign on Peter's bed.

Slogan on trash cans at
Clinton Avenue Elementary School.

Khrushchev, Nina
Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev's wife. Carol's aunt
Jenny trades her recipe for borscht for a recipe for sukiyaki created by Japanese Emperor Hirohito's chef. [ 66 ]

Killy, Jean-Claude
Olympic gold medal-winning skiier from France. He signs the cast of Carol's aunt
Jenny after she breaks her leg skiing in Switzerland. [ 66 ]

King's Lodge
Swanky restaurant where Alice and
Mark Millard dine on a date. [ 48 ]

Kings Island
Ohio amusement park located 24 miles north of Cincinnati off U.S. 71. The Bradys and Alice visit the park after
Mr. Phillips sends Mike to submit plans for an addition he designed. Attractions include Monster, Wheel of Fortune, Red Racer and a replica of the Eiffel Tower. [ 102 ]

Kings Island Inn
Hotel adjacent to the Kings Island amusement park where the Bradys stay during their visit. [
102 ]

Kingsford, Illinois
Hometown of
"Harried and Hopeless," a letter writer to the newspaper advice column Dear Libby. Kingsford is 2,000 miles from where the Bradys live. [ 1 ]

Kipula Construction Co.
Hawaiian firm hired to construct a building Mike designed in Honolulu. Its employees include
Mr. Hanalei. [ 72, 73, 74 ]

Kitty Karry-All  
Cindy's beloved doll and the hiding place for her allowance money. When the doll is missing and Bobby is accused of hiding it, he buys a replacement at Driscoll Toy Shop. Kitty Karry-All was manufactured by Remco in 1969. [ 3 ]

Bobby on Kitty Karry-All: "I'm glad she's gone. I hated that doll."

"Kitty Karry-All"
Cindy's pseudonym in a letter to the newspaper advice column
Dear Libby. [ 1 ]

Television station that sends reporter
Lance Pierce and a cameraman to cover the announcement that Mike has been selected the Daily Chronicle's Father of the Year. [ 7 ]

Kyle (Monica Ramirez)
Female guest at a party Peter throws for himself to debut his new personality. [
54 ]

Kyle (to Peter): "You're not dull. I think you're very nice."

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