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Jamboree Night
Fillmore Junior High School event which includes student performances and a puppet show lampooning the school's faculty. Targets include Mrs. Crocker, Mrs. Saunders and Mr. Price. Mrs. Meredith selects students to perform at the event. [ 68 ]

Jamison, Tommy (Eric Shea)
Boy Bobby hires to portray Cindy's "secret admirer." Bobby creates the fictional admirer to lift Cindy's spirits when she is frustrated at being the family's youngest member. Bobby trades Tommy a rabbit's foot for a pencil sharpener before offering him a Kennedy half dollar to be Cindy's friend. Tommy gives it back when he decides he likes her anyway. He later gives her a lizard for her collection. As the secret admirer, Bobby leaves Cindy gifts such as a candy bar, flowers, a pink hair ribbon and a fake diamond ring. [
67 ]

Tommy (to Bobby): "You don't have to pay me to play with Cindy. She's real neat -- for a girl, I mean."
Note Bobby leaves with a candy bar in the Bradys' mailbox:

You don't know me, but I sure dig you.
Your secret admirer
Poem Bobby leaves with the fake ring on the Bradys' porch:

When I think of your face
And your awful cute dimples
From head to toe
I get goose pimples

Peter's friend. A guest at a party she throws tells Peter that he has no personality. [
54 ]

Marcia's friend whom she rushes to tell about the family's encounter with
Skip Farnum and his offer to cast them in a television commercial. [ 59 ]

Jason (Iler Rasmussen)
Peter's friend who declines an invitation to a party he throws for himself. [
22 ]

Jennifer (Jenny) (Susan Joyce)
Peter's friend who declines an invitation to a party he throws for himself. [
22 ]

Jenny (Imogene Coca)
Carol's wealthy, eccentric aunt who travels the world rubbing elbows with celebrities and heads of state such as
Wilt Chamberlain, Harry Houdini, Paul Newman, Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir and Aristotle and Jackie Onassis. As a child, she bore an uncanny resemblance to Jan. [ 66 ]

Jenny: "There's a lot of pretty faces around, but how often do you see a puss like this?"
Jenny's letter to Jan before her visit:

Dear Soul Sister,
Thanks for the picture, and I'll bet we're the first twins that were ever born 40 years apart. Like you wrote, it's real spooky. Enclosed is the latest photo of me. Hope that very soon we can exchange hugs instead of pictures.
Jenny's letter to Jan after her visit:

Dear Soul Sister,
I really goofed this time. After Paris I tried to work off that fattening French gravy skiing in Switzerland. I just got the cast off; had it autographed for you. Regards to the gang.

Cindy's friend. A magician's disappearing trick at his birthday causes Cindy to become frightened of the dark. [
45 ]

Fillmore Junior High School student who asks Marcia to a school dance. Having already agreed to go as Doug Williams' date, she settles for a soda with Jerry. [ 67 ]

Jill (Shawn Schepps)
Clinton Avenue Elementary School student who asks Bobby to rescue her cat, Pandora, from a condemned building. [ 79 ]

Jill (to Bobby): "Please, you've gotta get Pandora out for me!"

Jimmy (Jimmy Bracken)
Peter's friend and member of the treehouse club. [
36 ]

Jimmy (Pierre Williams)
Peter's football teammate. [
40 ]

"Joan of Arc of Woodland Park"
Mike's affectionate nickname for Carol during the "Save Woodland Park" campaign. [
47 ]

Humphrey Bogart character in a movie Peter studies to change his personality. [ 54 ]

Johnny (Michael Lerner)
Salesman at
Oscar's Cyclery who helps Mike and Carol customize a bike they plan to purchase for Bobby's birthday. [ 14 ]

Jon (Jon Hayes)
Clinton Avenue Elementary School student cited by Bobby for disorderly conduct after he and a friend run through the hall tossing a third boy's book in the air. [ 79 ]

Jones, Christopher
Captain of the Mayflower, the ship that brought the Pilgrims to Plymouth Rock in 1620. Mike portrays him in Greg's short film,
Our Pilgrim Fathers. [ 29 ]

Jones, David "Deacon" (Himself)
Los Angeles Rams lineman who played high school football with the coach of Peter's elementary school squad. Also an amateur singer with several other pro football players. [
40 ]

"Deacon" Jones: "Just try as hard as you can. That's all your coach and your team can ask of you. And that's all you can ask of yourself."

JOP 745
License plate on the Bradys' Chrysler station wagon.

Greg's classmate at
Fillmore Junior High School. [ 17 ]

Judge (Robert Emhardt)
Presiding judge in
Duggan v. Brady, Harry Duggan's small claims case against Carol after an auto accident. [ 70 ]

Judge: "Mr. Duggan, it is the opinion of the court that your neck brace was an overt attempt to change the opinion of this court, therefore beclouding your testimony. I find in favor of the defendant."

Judy (Margie DeMeyer)
Guest at a party Peter throws for himself to debut his new personality. [
54 ]

Judy: "Peter dull? That's silly."

June Street
Street in the Bradys' neighborhood. They jog past it on one of
Emma's 6 a.m. runs. [ 69 ]

Phrase atop the courthouse where Carol goes to face
Harry Duggan in small claims court. [ 70 ]

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