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"Innocent Bystander"
Alice's pseudonym in a letter to the newspaper advice column Dear Libby. [
1 ]

"Invasion of the Potato People, The"
Science fiction movie about a scientist who tries to protect the planet from a race of potato-like creatures who try to plant themselves in the earth and take over, according to Peter. In the climax, the scientist hides behind a rock and injects the ground with a secret chemical. [
54 ]

Iris (Jennifer Reilly)
Peter's friend at Fillmore Junior High School who is picked to be a yell leader after Peter writes about her in his newspaper column, The Whole Truth. In response, she asks him out for a malt. [
68 ]

"I've Been Working on the Railroad"
Song the Bradys sing in the car upon leaving for their first family camping trip. [
12 ]

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