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Game played at Marcia's slumber party. [
30 ]

Gen. Haggerty Award
Military honor Alice's cousin Emma wins for her "Make Your Barracks Beautiful" campaign. [
69 ]

Hanalei (David "Lippy" Espinda)
Kipula Construction Co. employee who recognizes an idol unearthed at a Honolulu building site as tabu, bad luck to all who touch it. He later informs the Brady boys that the idol must be returned to the burial place of Hawaii's first king in order to lift the curse. [
72, 73, 74 ]

Hanalei (to boys): "Long ago, before the great Kamehameha, there was sacred burial place for kings. To guard them, they make strong tabu. . . . Evil come to those who touch. It will always come, my children."

Sign Marcia displays in the girls' bedroom after Cindy mistakenly gives her diary to the Friends in Need Society. [
24 ]

"Harried and Hopeless"
Kingsford, Illinois letter writer to the newspaper advice column Dear Libby whose blended family is creating second thoughts about the marriage. [
1 ]

Dear Libby,
We have a terrible problem in my family. I have three children of my own and three additional children from a recent marriage. I had no idea three new children could cause so much trouble. Should I continue pretending to love these new children and wait until they wreck my marriage or should I get out now?
(signed) "Harried and Hopeless"
Dear Libby's reply:

Give it a try a little while longer. It just might work.

Harry (Herb Vigran)  
Beleaguered clerk at the Checker Trading Stamp Redemption Store who lets Carol and the girls in after hours to claim a sewing machine. [ 11 ]

Harry: "It's been like this ever since they announced Checker Stamps was going out of business. All day long, coffeemakers, toasters, heaters, blankets -- doesn't anybody buy anything anymore?"

"Harry Hopeless"
Cindy's mis-reading of "Harried and Hopeless," a letter writer to the newspaper advice column Dear Libby. [
1 ]

University pennant hanging in the boys' backyard clubhouse. [
2 ]

Used bookstore located on Belvedere. [
24 ]

Harvey (Bobby Riha)
Peter's friend at Fillmore Junior High School who starts making new friends after Peter writes in his newspaper column, the Whole Truth, that he's a great dancer. In response, Harvey gives him a candy bar and invites him to his uncle's pizza parlor. [
68 ]

Harvey: "I've never been so popular with girls."

Secretary to Carol's aunt Jenny. [
66 ]

HC 5885
License plate on a station wagon belonging to Kipula Construction Co. in Honolulu. [
72 ]

Laundry detergent Carol used before switching to Champ the Dirt Fighter. [
59 ]

Carol (to Mike): "We found out that Help didn't help."

Cindy's bullfrog. [
14 ]

Cindy on Henry: "I've kissed him twice already and he still hasn't changed into a prince. He's just a plain ol' bullfrog."

"Here's Lucy"
CBS sitcom starring Lucille Ball and her real-life son, Desi Arnaz Jr. Originally titled "The Lucy Show." [
24 ]

Bobby's pet turtle. [
5 ]

Highland Park
Neighborhood park where Alice and Sam picnic. [
48 ]

Hillary, Sir Edmund
New Zealand mountain climber who was one of the first two men to reach the top of Mount Everest and return. He signs the cast of Carol's aunt Jenny after she breaks her leg skiing in Switzerland. [
66 ]

Longtime emperor of Japan. His chef trades Carol's aunt Jenny a recipe for sukiyaki with a recipe for borscht by Nina Khrushchev. [
66 ]

Ho, Don
Hawaiian musician and singer who performs with Sam Kapu at the Polynesian Palace. He and Kapu croon "Sweet Someone" for Bobby and Cindy. [
72 ]

Hobart, Patty
The most popular girl in Marcia's senior class at Fillmore Junior High School. After the class nominates her for hostess of Senior Banquet Night, she is forced to withdraw from the competition when her family plans to leave on vacation. Marcia, the third nominee, is then placed in the running against Molly Webber. [
71 ]

Oops! Molly Webber refers to her once as Sally Hobart.

Holeman, Hank
Contemporary of Marcia and her friends. During a game of Truth or Dare at Marcia's slumber party, Ruthie refuses to reveal whether she's been kissed by him. [
30 ]

"Home on the Range"
Campfire song the Bradys sing to Greg's guitar accompaniment during their stay at the Grand Canyon. [
51 ]

Home Safety Drive
Event organized by Miss Barnaby at Clinton Avenue Elementary School. Bobby and Cindy persuade Mike and Carol to limit the number of appliciances plugged into a single outlet in the kitchen and encourage the family to practice fire drills. [
54 ]

Hawaii's largest city and the capital of the island state. Mike takes his family and Alice there when Mr. Phillips asks him to inspect the construction of a building he designed. The family stays at the Sheraton Waikiki. [
72, 73, 74 ]

Marcia's classmate at Fillmore Junior High School. [
17 ]

Indian tribe that performs a rain dance for Grand Canyon visitors. [
50 ]

Hopkins, Earl (Dave Morick)
Daily Chronicle reporter who visits the Bradys' home to interview Peter about saving Tina Spencer from a falling shelf at Driscoll Toy Shop. He returns to present Peter with the newspaper's monthly Outstanding Citizen Award and a check for $50. [
22 ]

Hopkins (to Peter): "According to the information we've got, you're a hero."
Daily Chronicle headline:

Peter Brady, 11, Risks Life To Save Young Girl

"Hot Rod Charlie"
Alice's nickname for Bobby after he skins his knee in a bike accident. Bobby claims he ran over a banana and crashed. [
6 ]

Houdini, Harry
World-renowned magician and escape artist who performed with Carol's Aunt Jenny before his death in 1926. Jenny presents Peter with a pair of Houdini's trick handcuffs. [
66 ]

Jenny on Houdini: "Harry and I played the same vaudeville circuit. I did a tap dance and a snappy patter routine."

How to Cook in 30 Easy Lessons
Book Mike reads in order to help Marcia earn her cooking badge. [
8 ]

Hula Instructor (Elithe Aguiar)
Woman who demonstrates the ancient Hawaiian dance for Carol, Alice and the girls during the Bradys' visit to Honolulu. [
72 ]

Hunsaker, Mrs. (Fran Ryan)
Prospective buyer of the Bradys' Clinton Way home until the Bradys decide not to sell. She planned to place a grand piano in the living room. She later has her eye on the Woodley Hills home Mike and Carol were considering buying. [
18 ]

Mrs. Hunsaker on the Bradys' home: "My, it is attractive, isn't it?"
Bert Grossman: "A quality house all the way through, Mrs. Hunsaker."

Huston, Joe
Marina owner who gives Mike a battered boat after Mike designs an addition to the waterfront property. [
79 ]

Huxley, Tommy
Boy who gives Bobby a black eye after Bobby picks a fight with him. [
62 ]

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