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Gallini, Beebe (Abbe Lane)
Eccentric head of the
Beebe Gallini Cosmetics Company. Married at least four times, she selects Mike to design a pink, powderpuff-shaped factory on the day his horoscope in the Daily Chronicle reads, "A strange woman will soon come into your life." [ 16 ]

Carol on Beebe: "They say no man can resist her."
Beebe (to Mike): "Darling, you are going to design my new factory."

Gandhi, Indira
First female prime minister of India and a friend of Carol's aunt
Jenny. [ 66 ]

Gas Station Attendant (Hoke Howell)
Service station employee 20 miles away from the
Cactus Creek ghost town on the Bradys' way to the Grand Canyon. [ 49 ]

Attendant on Cactus Creek: "Used to be a big gold boom there. Ain't nothin' but an old ghost town now -- been deserted for years."

Bobby's classmate who trades his bugle for Bobby's drums. [
40 ]

Carol's middle-aged cousin. For her wedding, the Bradys give her a silver "frog," a dish to hold flowers, candy or nuts. [
56 ]

Mike on Gertrude: "Anybody who's spent 25 years shopping for a husband -- that's gotta be some kind of record."

"Ghost-Be-Gone Anti-Witchcraft Charm"
Jeweled talisman Alice uses to ward off ghosts. [
18 ]

Greg's classmate at
Fillmore Junior High School. [ 17 ]

Girl (Cindy Henderson)
Clinton Avenue Elementary School student cited by Bobby for littering. [ 79 ]

Double-sided picket sign Jan carries in protest of the boys' refusal to share their clubhouse. [
2 ]

Gilbert's Book Shop
Used bookstore where Carol and Cindy search for Marcia's lost diary. The clerk,
Thackery, initially thinks they have come looking for a book of history or poetry. [ 24 ]

Picket sign created for the "Save Woodland Park" campaign. [
47 ]

Glee Club
Elementary school vocal group that includes Peter, Jan and Cindy. Bobby was not selected. [
40 ]

Peter (to Carol): "Billy Minkus said Bobby couldn't carry a tune if it had a handle on it."
Jan: "Sue Barry said he sounded like a frog."

Carol's Women's Club chairman who names Carol vice-chairman. [
47 ]

Golden Circle Trading Stamps
Trading stamps Alice picks up at a bakery after the
Checker Trading Stamp Corporation goes out of business. [ 11 ]

Pet mouse belonging to Bobby and Cindy's friend
Benji. They borrow it to spook Alice's cousin, Emma. [ 69 ]

"Gondola Gourmet, The"
Radio program Alice listens to. [
56 ]

Goodwill Industries
Charity in the Bradys' city. [
66 ]

Goodwin, Miss (Lois Newman)
Faculty member at
Fillmore Junior High School who organizes a student production of "Romeo and Juliet." She replaces Marcia in the role of Juliet when Marcia refuses to follow her direction. [ 52 ]

Miss Goodwin (to Marcia): "We've staged this play very carefully, Marcia. Now it's not fair to the others to do something unexpected."

Greg and Peter's friend. [
6, 14, 47 ]

Graduation Exercise Committee
Group Marcia belongs to at
Fillmore Junior High School. [ 71 ]

Street in the Bradys' city. Phillips' Bookstore is located on South Grand. [
24 ]

Grand Canyon
Spectacular gorge carved by the Colorado River in northwestern Arizona. Reading from a guidebook, Alice says the canyon is 218 miles long, 18 miles across at its widest point and more than a mile deep. According to Carol, the Indian term for the canyon -- kaibab -- means "mountains lying down." Mike tells the boys that the area was once home to Indian tribes such as the Havasupai, Hopi, Walapai and Navajo. He says the Havasupai were known as "great people of blue-green running water." The Bradys enter and exit the national park via U.S. 180 on the canyon's south rim. [
49, 50, 51 ]

Great Stagecoach Robbery, The
Greg's title for a home movie he improvises with his brothers and sisters during their stay in the
Cactus Creek ghost town. Greg casts Bobby as the stagecoach driver and Peter as the crook. ("That's 'cause he got shifty eyes," Bobby says.) Passengers on the coach include Marcia as the town's new schoolmarm and Jan and Cindy as dancehall girls coming to work in the saloon. The movie is interrupted when the children are called to dinner. [ 49 ]

Grossman, Bertram (Bert) (Lindsay Workman)
Real estate broker who negotiates with Mike and Carol to sell their Clinton Way home and purchase a larger house in
Woodley Hills. [ 18 ]

"Guilt Complex"
Greg's pseudonym in a letter to the newspaper advice column
Dear Libby. [ 1 ]

Gypsy Badge
Merit badge Marcia earns with Carol's help. [
8 ]

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