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"Fairy Princess"
Character in a student play at
Dixie Canyon Elementary School. Cindy defeats Mary Dittmeyer for the role. [ 5 ]

Farewell to Arms, A
Ernest Hemingway's 1929 novel about the love affair between a U.S. ambulance driver and a British nurse in World War I Italy. Because Marcia was reading it, 8-year-old Cindy reads it to appear more mature. [
67 ]

Farnum, Skip (Paul Winchell)
Eccentric, "mod" television director who casts the Bradys and Alice in a commercial for
Safe laundry detergent because of their "natural" acting style. He fires them after their interpretation of the script is spoiled by Myrna Carter's advice. He owns Skip Farnum Film Enterprises. [ 59 ]

Skip Farnum (directing Mike and Carol): "Now, love, you're over there at the counter, see? You're making with the greenery. And then pops, you come flippin' in and then you lay this box of flakes on the little lady and then you have a little rap session and then we cut. Dig?"

Town where college students Ralph Nelson and Alan Rudolph set the world teeter-totter record of just over 124 hours. [ 56 ]

Television broadcast:

. . . And last but not least, here's the human side of the news. This afternoon, two enterprising and very tired college boys in Farrowville are out to set a record. They've been on a teeter-totter for 100 straight hours. They're almost there -- the old record is 124 hours, 124 hours up and down without a stop. Now there's a record to shoot at.

Magazine the Bradys read. [
68 ]

Father of the Year Essay Contest  
Annual contest sponsored by the Daily Chronicle newspaper. Mike is chosen the winner from thousands of nominees after the selection committee reads a letter written by Marcia. The other finalists were the fathers of Arnold Collins and David Wood. [ 7 ]

Daily Chronicle article:

Father of the Year Essay Contest Underway
The Daily Chronicle is happy to announce that the annual Father of the Year Essay Contest is now underway. All contestants are urged to send their essays to the Daily Chronicle as quickly as possible.
The rules of the contest are very simple.
In your own words just state why your father should be chosen as Father of the Year.
Marcia's nominating letter:

. . . He is always fair and tries to be a real father to both his three sons and his three new daughters. My dad should be father of the year for hundreds of reasons. . . . and Dad doesn't even play golf every weekend so he can spend more time with his family. . . . and even though he's only been my dad for a short time, no father could be a realer father than Michael Brady. . . . even when he punishes me it's because I deserve it.
Yours sincerely,
Marcia Brady
Daily Chronicle photo caption:

Architect Michael Brady Named Father of the Year
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brady with their daughter Marcia, whose essay won the Father of the Year Contest.

"Feeling Awful"
Bobby's pseudonym in a letter to the newspaper advice column
Dear Libby. [ 1 ]

Felder (Art Lewis)
Skip Farnum's cameraman. [ 59 ]

Skip Farnum (to Felder): "I don't know what happens when you put a camera on a bunch of squares. They just flip out."

Feldman, Mrs.
Guest at Mike and Carol's wedding who swoons after
Tiger and Fluffy leap over her. A caterer accidentally spills a bucket of ice down her chest. [ 0 ]

Carol (to Mike): "Poor Mrs. Feldman and her frozen front!"

Fields, Mr. (Bob Golden)  
Daily Chronicle employee who, along with Publisher Hamilton Samuels and two others, helps select the newspaper's annual Father of the Year. [ 7 ]

Fifth Street
Street in the Bradys' neighborhood. The city junkyard is located near
Second and Fifth streets. [ 53 ]

No. 56
City bus Alice rides. It travels across town and stops at
Oak Street. [ 53 ]

Fillmore Junior High School
Neighborhood school that the Brady kids attend. It holds an annual carnival. MORE TO COME. [
13 ]

"Firemen Praised For Heroic Deeds At Annual Dinner"
Daily Chronicle headline in the same edition with the story of Peter's rescue of Tina Spencer at Driscoll Toy Shop. [ 22 ]

Fisher's Used Books
Used bookstore located on
Vineland. [ 24 ]

Costumed member of the children's television show "The Banana Splits." The character also entertains guests at the
Kings Island amusement park. [ 102 ]

Fleming, Peggy
American Olympic gold medal-winning ice skater. She signs the cast of Carol's aunt
Jenny after she breaks her leg skiing in Switzerland. [ 66 ]

Flora and the Fauna of Northwestern Australia, The
Used book the Bradys donate to the
Friend in Need Society. [ 24 ]

Carol (to Collection Man): "That was my husband's brief botany period."

Marcia, Jan and Cindy's cat before they join the Brady family. Fluffy sleeps in a small pink "house" decorated with hearts, peace signs and phrases like "FOR CATS ONLY," "Love" and "Groovy." [ 0 ]

Foot Traveler Badge
Merit badge Marcia earns with Carol's help. [
8 ]

Slogan on Fluffy's "house." [
0 ]

Sign Greg's friend
Eddie displays on the convertible he's offering. [ 53 ]

Mask inspired by Boris Karloff's famous film role that Peter wears while trying to scare Marcia and her slumber party guests. [
30 ]

Franklin, Sam (Allan Melvin)
Butcher shop owner and Alice's boyfriend and bowling partner. MORE TO COME. [
48, 62 ]

Sam on Alice: "Alice's face is my inspiration. I see her face in every bowling ball, her figure in every bowling pin."

Freddy (Dennis McDougall)
Peter's football teammate who teases him for joining the Glee Club. [
40 ]

Freddy (to Peter): "I wouldn't want to ruin your beautiful voice."

Friend in Need Society
Charity that picks up several boxes of used books at the Bradys, including Marcia's diary. Their shop is located at the corner of
Riverton and Eighth Street. [ 24 ]

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