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Eddie (Chris Beaumont)
Greg's friend who sells him a battered convertible for $100. Greg had accumulated $109 in savings at that point. [
53 ]

Eddie (to Greg): "I'm only selling her because I need a fast hundred bucks. You know, I got five or six guys just waitin' to buy this baby. But it's such a good deal I wanted a friend to have it first."

Greg's friend who alerts him that their mutual friend Phil is interested in selling his surfboard. [
62 ]

Peter's friend at Fillmore Junior High School who he turns to for tips for his newspaper column, the Whole Truth. [
68 ]

Eggbeaters, The
Musical group Marcia likes. [
32 ]

No. 18
City bus Alice rides. It stops across town from Oak Street. [
53 ]

Eighth Street
Street in the Bradys' neighborhood. The Friend in Need Society is located at Eighth Street and Riverton. A shopping market is also on Eighth. [
24, 32 ]

Campaign poster displayed at Fillmore Junior High School during Marcia's race for student body president. [
13 ]

"Elf, The" (Brian Forster)  
Character in Cindy's school play at Dixie Canyon Elementary School. [ 5 ]

Street in the Bradys' neighborhood. Mrs. Siegel lives at 231 Elm. Wedlock's used bookstore is located on East Elm. [
62 ]

Elmo's Bookstore
Used bookstore connected to Elmo's Drive-In. Mike and Marcia search for her lost diary there. [
24 ]

Elmo's Drive-In
Theater connected to Elmo's Bookstore. [
24 ]

Stuffed elephant toy on the girls' dresser.

Emma (Ann B. Davis)
Alice's cousin, a 20-year member of the Women's Army Corps discharged as master sergeant. She used to help run a mess hall for an entire company and once won the Gen. Haggerty Award for a "Make Your Barracks Beautiful" campaign. During a week that Alice is away on vacation, Emma stays with the Bradys and runs the household like a military base, assigning the children to work details such as k.p., laundry, trash and latrines. Each morning she wakes the family at 6 a.m. for calisthenics. [
69 ]

Alice on Emma: "She's efficient, organized -- a born manager."
Emma: "The Army's a lonely life. You make a friend, you get transfered away. A big evening for me used to be going to the PX for shoe polish."

Engstrom, Mrs. (Marjorie Stapp)  
Dixie Canyon Elementary School teacher and director of Cindy's play. The play contains 26 speaking parts. [ 5 ]

Partial slogan atop city hall. [
47 ]

Evander High School
One of Alice's alma maters, where she was a cheerleader. [
13 ]

Alice's cheer:

Evander, Evander,
Yay team!

Everprest Fabric
Textile company that sponsors a jingle contest Alice enters. She wins a high-fidelity stereo, one of five prizes offered. [
32 ]

Alice's jingles:

For the fabrics that are best
Put your faith in Everprest
You will always look well-dressed
And you never will be messed . . . up

For the fabrics that are best
Put your faith in Everprest
You will always look well-dressed
In the east and in the vest

Everprest's just right for you
If you are no matter who
Try our fabrics real soon
In flannel, silk and gaberdoon

"Exotic Miss, The"
Hairstyle Jan experiments with, piling her hair atop her head and leaving two curls down the sides of her face. [
67 ]

Exploring Modern Mathematics
Math textbook Marcia and Bobby use.

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