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Cactus Creek
Ghost town in the southwestern United States on the Bradys' way to the Grand Canyon. It's there the family meets Zaccariah T. Brown, an eccentric prospector who locks the Bradys in the town's jail when he fears they're going to steal his claim. The abandoned city includes a town hall, a general store, a saloon and the jail. According to Brown, his grandfather made the first gold strike in the area and built the town. [
49, 50 ]

Cameraman (Lee Corrigan)  
Cameraman for television station KTRY who accompanies reporter Lance Pierce to the Bradys' to cover the announcement that Mike has been selected the Daily Chronicle's Father of the Year. [ 7 ]

Snide term Peter's football teammates use to ridicule his participation in the Glee Club. [
40 ]

Captain Kangaroo
Children's television personality portrayed by Bob Keeshan. Marcia says that he was her favorite television performer before Desi Arnaz Jr. [
24 ]

Capulet, Juliet
Romeo Montague's doomed lover in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet." Marcia is initially cast in the role for a Fillmore Junior High School production but is replaced by her understudy, Tina, when she develops an arrogant attitude. [
52 ]

Capulet, Lady
Juliet Capulet's mother in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet." Marcia accepts this small role in a Fillmore Junior High School production after she is replaced as Juliet. The student originally cast in the part develops the mumps and cannot perform. [
52 ]

Car Sport
Magazine Greg scans to decide what car he wants to buy. [
53 ]

Carson, Mrs.
Secretary of the local YMCA and the person who "runs the whole thing," according to Mike. [
2 ]

Carter, Elizabeth (Jo deWinter)  
Author of the syndicated newspaper advice column Dear Libby. [ 1 ]

Elizabeth Carter: "Most people refer to me as Dear Libby. I write a column."
Carol: "You certainly do!"

Carter, Linette (Elvera Roussel)
Westdale High School cheerleader who dates Greg. While sidelined from the team with a fractured rib, Greg's snapshot of Linette captures a Westdale player completing a pass that had been ruled out-of-bounds by a referee. Westdale lost 7-6 but the photo reveals that the pass was valid. [
60 ]

Greg on Linette: "The way you look in that outfit, the pictures can't help but come out good."
Linette on Greg: "I stopped by to watch football practice the other day and you looked pretty terrific in your uniform."

Carter, Myrna (Bonnie Boland)
The Bradys' actress friend who gives them acting tips before their turn before Skip Farnum's camera to promote Safe laundry detergent. Her name is pronounced Meer-nah. [
59 ]

Myrna (to Mike and Carol): "You're just reading it. No one's going to believe it, you know what I mean? You're not motivated."
Skip Farnum on Myrna: "You know, this whole scene reminds me of that horrible actress we worked with."
Felder: "Myrna Carter."
Farnum: "Myrna Carter! That's the nut, Myrna Carter!"

Cartwright, Duane (Joe Ross)
Beebe Gallini's personal assistant and secretary. [
16 ]

Carver, John
First governor of Plymouth Colony, portrayed by Alice in Greg's short film, "Our Pilgrim Fathers." [
29 ]

Casey the Cop
Comic strip published in the Daily Chronicle.

"caveat emptor"
Latin phrase meaning "Let the buyer beware." [
53 ]

Mike (to Greg): "Or to put it in the vernacular, 'Them who don't look sometime gets took.'"

Chamberlain, Wilt
One of the greatest scorers in the history of the National Basketball Association, Chamberlain's autograph is on a basketball Carol's aunt Jenny gives to Bobby. [
66 ]

Champ the Dirt Fighter
Laundry detergent Carol used before switching to Safe. [
59 ]

Carol (to Mike): "We found out that Champ couldn't take the Brady dirt and lost the title."

Man in attendance at a business meeting where Mike gives a speech. [
7 ]

Alice's uncle who once gave her a Christmas gift she couldn't assemble. [
22 ]

Chase Boulevard
Street in the Bradys' city where the Old Press, a used bookstore, is located. [
24 ]

Checker Trading Stamps  
Grocery store stamps redeemable for a variety of premiums. When the company announces that they are going out of business, a bitter feud develops between the boys, who want a rowboat, and the girls, who want a sewing machine. When Carol and Mike are asked to mediate, they suggest a grandfather clock and pool table, respectively. [ 11 ]

Daily Chronicle article:

Checker Trading Stamps Going Out Of Business
30 Day Deadline To Cash In Stamps

The Checker Corporation, a national trading stamp organization, has announced the forthcoming liquidation of its assets and has requested that all premiums exchangeable for the stamps be redeemed within the next 30 days. If such stamps are not redeemed, their spokesman went on to say, they will be of no value.
The company advised redeeming their stamps as quickly as possible with the last day of the month the definite deadline. To repeat, the Checker Trading Stamp Corporation is going out of business in 30 days.

Checker Trading Stamp Redemption Store
Location where Checker Trading Stamps can be redeemed for premiums. Carol and the girls arrive after the 6 p.m. closing time and persuade the clerk, Harry, to let them in. Having won a contest with the boys to claim their stamps, the girls intend to collect a sewing machine with the 94 booklets. Harry shows them two models: One has an automatic buttonholer, push-button stitch setter and solid maple cabinet. Carol and Marcia prefer this model. The other has an automatic bobbin, separate thread compartment, illuminated sewing area and walnut cabinet. Jan and Cindy prefer this model. Ultimately, the women return home with a color television set for the entire family. [
11 ]

Chestnut Avenue
Street where Mike lived as a child. [
4 ]

Mike (to Alice and Carol): "As a boy I was known as the checker champ of Chestnut Avenue."

Chicago Post, The
Newspaper that Greg and Marcia claim once printed "a million copies of page 9 right on top of page 8," leaving page 8 blank. They also claim it was the Boston Times. [
1 ]

Chief Eagle Cloud (Jay Silverheels)
Indian leader in the Grand Canyon area and Jimmy Pakaya's grandfather. [
51 ]

Jimmy on his grandfather: "He only thinks about the old Indian ways. He always talks about great things that happened a long time ago."
Chief Eagle Cloud: "Many moons ago, our people came down from the rim of the canyon. Here inside the earth who is our mother, we live in peace. We raise tall corn, race fast horses -- we prosper."

Urbane character in a movie Peter studies to change his personality. She shares the scene with Donald. [
54 ]

Claymore, Mount
Recreation area where the Bradys often picnic and hike. [
36 ]

Clear & Bright
Laundry detergent Carol stopped using after it turned the water "dim and dark," she says. She switched to Help. [
59 ]

Clifton, Mr.
Bumper-sticker manufacturer who agrees to print an unlimited number of "SAVE OUR PARKS" stickers for the "Save Woodland Park" campaign. [
47 ]

Clinton Avenue Elementary School
One of two grammar schools Bobby and Cindy attend. It's here that Bobby alienates his friends as safety monitor. The other school is Dixie Canyon Elementary School. MORE TO COME. [
79 ]

Clinton Way  
Street where the Bradys live. Their address is 4222 Clinton Way. [ 23 ]

Coach (Bart LaRue)
Peter's elementary school football coach, who played the sport in high school with Los Angeles Rams lineman David "Deacon" Jones. He defends Peter's participation in the Glee Club by naming Rosey Grier, Joe Namath and Joe Frazier as professional athletes who sing. [
40 ]

Coach (to Peter and his teammates): "Rosey Grier, he sings, and I don't know anybody who's brave enough to call him a sissy."
Jones: "Not even me."

Coach (Bart LaRue)
Westdale High School's football coach. He names Greg to the first string team, saying he's a "natural flanker back," according to Mike. Greg, No. 23, fractures a rib in a pre-season practice game and is later made the team's official photographer. [
60 ]

Collection Man (Pat Patterson)  
Friend in Need Society employee who picks up several boxes of used books at the Bradys. [ 24 ]

Collection Man (to Carol): "Any kind of salvage is just fine, lady."

Collins (Gordon Jump)  
Friend in Need Society employee who works at their shop on Riverton and Eighth Street. [ 24 ]

Collins (to Mike): "We send old books out to secondhand bookstores as soon as we get them in."

Collins, Arnold
Boy whose letter in the Daily Chronicle's Father of the Year Essay Contest is selected as one of three finalists. [
7 ]

Icing on a cake Alice bakes during the siblings' race for student body president of Fillmore Junior High School. [
13 ]

Cooking Badge
Merit badge Marcia attempts to earn with Mike's help in the kitchen. The menu consists of chilled tomato juice with lemon, egg salad, french fries, breaded veal cutlets, string beans and chocolate cake. [
8 ]

"Cooking Can Be Fun"
Book Mike reads in order to help Marcia earn her cooking badge. [
8 ]

Corngold, Mrs.
Mike and Carol's friend. [
14 ]

Creative Institute of Architects, The (CIA)
Professional organization that asks Mike to deliver a speech he'd previously given at a business meeting. [
7 ]

Creature from the Black Lagoon, The
Mask Bobby wears while trying to scare Marcia and her slumber party guests. [
30 ]

Crocker, Mrs.
Gym teacher at Fillmore Junior High School. She's parodied in a student puppet show during Jamboree Night. [
68 ]

Cub Scouts
Scouting organization Bobby belongs to. [
47 ]

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