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Baldwin, Mandy
Greg's friend who donates her father's top hat to Peter's magic act. [
45 ]

Barnaby, Miss
Clinton Avenue Elementary School teacher who organizes a home safety drive. [
54 ]

Barry, Sue
Glee Club member who says Bobby sounds "like a frog" when he sings, according to Jan. [
40 ]

Baseball: The Art of Offense and Defense
Book Carol reads in order to teach the sport to the boys. [
8 ]

Brand of baseball bat the boys use. [
8 ]

Campaign poster displayed at Fillmore Junior High School during Marcia's race for student body president. [
13 ]

Bear, The / Man (L. Jeffrey Schwartz)
Costumed character at the Kings Island amusement park. Greg borrows the man's costume to pursue Marge, who sometimes wears the same outfit to fill in for her brother, a fellow employee. Greg later pays Peter $5 to wear the suit so that he and Marge can go out. [
102 ]

Beebe Gallini Cosmetics Co., The
Makeup manufacturing business owned by Beebe Gallini. [
16 ]

Beebe Pink
Makeup manufactured by the Beebe Gallini Cosmetics Co. [
16 ]

Street in the Bradys' city where Harvard's used bookstore is located. [
24 ]

Bobby and Cindy's friend and the owner of a pet mouse named Goliath. They borrow it to spook Alice's cousin, Emma. [
69 ]

Benson, Mr.
Teacher at Fillmore Junior High School. [
13 ]

Zaccariah T. Brown's mule. [
49 ]

The Bradys' preferred brand of laundry soap when Skip Farnum approaches them to appear in a television commercial for rival Safe. They agree to do the commercial after determining that "new and improved" Safe cleans better than Best. Best's slogan is "For a whiter, brighter wash." [
59 ]

"Best of Gilbert and Sullivan, The"
Record Mike brings home to play on Alice's new stereo. [
32 ]

"Big Eagle of Large Nest"
"Indian" name given to Mike by Chief Eagle Cloud during the Bradys' visit to the Grand Canyon. [
51 ]

Character in Cindy's school play at Dixie Canyon Elementary School. [
5 ]

Blue Devils
Rival football team to Peter's elementary school squad. [
40 ]

Bogart, Humphrey
Film star Peter imitates briefly in an attempt to change his personality. One of Hollywood's biggest box-office stars in the 1940s and '50s, Bogart won an Academy Award for his role as a riverboat pilot in 1951's "The African Queen." He died in 1957. [
54 ]

"Bold Ones, The"
NBC television drama Alice watches. [
70 ]

Boston Times, The
Newspaper that Greg and Marcia claim once printed "a million copies of page 9 right on top of page 8," leaving page 8 blank. They also claim it was the Chicago Post. [
1 ]

Boy #1 (Jay Kocen)
Guest at a party Peter throws for himself to debut his new personality. He blurts out the punchline of a joke Peter begins to tell. [
54 ]

Boy #2 (Pierre A. Williams)
Guest at a party Peter throws for himself to debut his new personality. Like fellow guest Boy #1, he delivers the punchline of a joke Peter begins to tell. [
54 ]

Brady, Bobby (Mike Lookinland)

Brady, Carol (Florence Henderson)
Carol Ann Tyler MORE TO COME

Brady, Cindy (Susan Olsen)

Brady, Greg (Barry Williams)

Brady, Jan (Eve Plumb)

Brady, Marcia (Maureen McCormick)

Brady, Mike (Robert Reed)
Michael Paul Brady MORE TO COME

"Mr. & Mrs. Brady & Family"
How Mike signs the register at the unnamed hotel where he and Carol spend their honeymoon. [
0 ]

Brady, Mrs.  
Mike's unnamed first wife and the biological mother of Greg, Peter and Bobby. [ 0 ]

Mike: "Where's your mother's picture, Bobby?"
Bobby: "I put it away . . . in the drawer."
Mike: "Because of Carol?"
Bobby: "I thought maybe she might not like it, when she moves in."
Mike: "Come here, Bobby . . . Now you can put it right back, son."
Bobby: "Are you sure?"
Mike: "I'm positive. I don't want you to forget your mother and neither does Carol."
Bobby: "Gee, that's swell! I really like this picture but I didn't want to upset my new mom."
Mike: "You know something? Your mother would be very proud of you right now."

Brady, Nicholas
An "excellent poet" who lived from 1659 to 1726, according to Thackery, the clerk at Gilbert's Book Shop. He mistakenly believes that Carol and Cindy may have come looking for his work when they enter the shop in search of Marcia's lost diary. [
24 ]

Brady, Peter (Christopher Knight)

Slogan on the front of the dunk tank the Bradys build for the Fillmore Junior High School Carnival. The booth costs 10 cents per try. [
57 ]

"Brady Braves, The"
Bobby's nickname for the family as they're leaving the Grand Canyon. [
51 ]

"Brady Bunch, The"
Mike's nickname for the new family. [
0 ]

Mike (to Carol): "Now it's just the beginning for both of us."
Carol: "Uh-uh. For all of us."
Mike: "Right. The whole blooming Brady Bunch."

Brady Six, The
Singing group formed by the children to record Greg's song "We Can Make the World a Whole Lot Brighter." They record "Time to Change" instead to take advantage of Peter's changing voice. [
64 ]

Greg (to Alice): "Peter's voice cracking is our special gimmick."

"Bring 'Em Back Alive Brady"
Mike's nickname for himself while trying to capture Bobby's unnamed pet parakeet. [
36 ]

Brown, Felix
Marcia's "creepy" classmate. Greg fires Rusty, his campaign manager during his race for student body president against Marcia, after the boy suggests starting a rumor that Marcia and Felix were seen kissing in a movie theater. [
7, 13 ]

Brown, Zaccariah T. (Jim Backus)
Eccentric prospector the Bradys meet in the Cactus Creek ghost town. After explaining the town's history to the Bradys, he locks the family in Cactus Creek's jail by falsely claiming that Jesse James had carved his initials in the cell. Fearful that the family will jump his gold claim, Brown steals the Bradys' station wagon and trailer so that he can register the claim before them. He returns the car to Mike and Peter when they encounter him returning from filing the claim in the nearest town. [
49, 50 ]

Zaccariah T. Brown: "I've just been worried sick about this gold claim I've been diggin' here for years. I haven't dug enough gold to fill the tooth on a prairie dog."

Burns, Mrs.
Women's Club member who helps in the "Save Woodland Park" campaign. [
47 ]

"Butterfly of Love"
Psychedelic poster over Marcia's bed.

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