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City where Mike's aunt lives. [
6 ]

Alden, John
Pilgrim who sailed from England on the Mayflower and helped found Plymouth Colony in 1620. He later married Pilgrim Priscilla Mullens. Alden is portrayed by Peter in Greg's short film, "Our Pilgrim Fathers." [
29 ]

Alden, Priscilla
Former Priscilla Mullens who married fellow Pilgrim John Alden in Plymouth Colony. Jan portrays her in Greg's short film, "Our Pilgrim Fathers." Alice says she once portrayed her in a grade-school Pilgrim Festival production. [
29 ]

"Alice Available"
Alice's flirtacious nickname for herself while trying to convince a cranky homeowner to sign a "Save Woodland Park" petition. [
47 ]

"Alice Clam-Up"
Alice's nickname for herself while trying to convince Marcia that she can be trusted with secrets. [
24 ]

"Alice in Wonderland"
Lewis Carroll's 1865 satire and one of Cindy's favorite books. Greg recommends it as a more age-appropriate work when she reads Ernest Hemingway's "A Farewell to Arms" to appear mature. [
24, 67 ]

Apollo Saturn V Moon Rocket
Toy for sale at Driscoll Toy Shop. [
22 ]

Pennant in the boys' room.

Arnaz, Desi Jr.  
Son of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball. He stars as Craig Carter on his mother's CBS sitcom "Here's Lucy." After Marcia reveals her crush on him, Alice says that she knows Ball's housekeeper, who describes Arnaz as "a real groovy kid." [ 24 ]

Marcia's diary entry:

Every time I see him on television I just feel . . . Wow! Desi Arnaz Jr., he's so cute! And my dream of dreams is to be Mrs. Desi Arnaz Jr.
Until tomorrow
Alice on Arnaz: "Oh he's with it, all right. Waaay out -- but not too far."
Arnaz (to Marcia): "Don't worry about what's in that diary. That's one of the nicest things about being in show business -- an occasional mention in a diary. . . . I dig diaries, and girls like you who write their dreams down."

"As the Caissons Go Rolling Along"
Military song Alice's cousin Emma sings to herself while dusting during her stay at the Bradys'. [
69 ]

Attendant (Bob Hoffman)
Lost-and-found clerk at the Kings Island amusement park. [
102 ]

Attendant (to Mike and Carol): "You'd be surprised what people lose nowadays. I've got all sorts of shoes, purses, false teeth, eyeglasses . . ."

Axelrod, Harold (Randy Case)
Awkward 14-year-old Fillmore Junior High School student who is cast as Romeo to Marcia's Juliet in a school production of "Romeo and Juliet." [
52 ]

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