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Encyclopedia Brady Feedback

I welcome your comments about ENCYCLOPEDIA BRADY. I'm very grateful to the many people who have expressed their enjoyment and amusement with this online resource since it launched in the spring of 1995, especially the eagle-eyed folks who have alerted me to errors in the site's design and content.

Visitors are encouraged to let me know what they think of the project and to share their ideas of what they'd like to see. Plus, if you spot any mistakes—even typographical errors or faulty HTML coding—please tell me! I look forward to hearing from you.

Please be aware, however, that over the years this site has generated a large amount of e-mail about the show itself—the episodes, the actors, the spinoffs, the merchandise, etc. In an attempt to answer people's frequent questions about the show, I have spent many hours creating three extensive documents chronicling where to find information and items about The Brady Bunch. Please read them thoroughly before sending any e-mail.
Encyclopedia Brady FAQ
A list of this Web site's most frequently asked questions, including tips on where to find episodes on video, news about the original cast members, sound clips, fonts, music, books, etc.
Brady Bunch Internet Resources
A comprehensive, annotated list of Web sites devoted to The Brady Bunch and its many spinoff shows and products.
Top 10 Questions About The Brady Bunch
A list of the most commonly asked questions about the show and its cast members.

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