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Frequently Asked Questions


It is a work in progress that, when finished, will be a comprehensive reference guide to The Brady Bunch.

It is a catalog of all of the fictional characters, guest stars, businesses, schools, etc., which appeared or were mentioned during the 117 episodes of the original 1969-74 television series.

Is this Web site owned, sponsored or controlled by the creators of The Brady Bunch or any of the many companies associated with the show and its characters?
No. This is strictly an unofficial site created by an ordinary fan of the show. It has no connection to Viacom, Paramount Pictures, ABC, Sherwood Schwartz or any of the actors, writers, directors and other creative personnel and corporations that created or own the many Brady Bunch properties.

When did this Web site begin?
ENCYCLOPEDIA BRADY was launched in the spring of 1995 and has been sporadically updated ever since.

Where can I find information about the cast members, autographs, photos, sounds, song lyrics, sheet music, trivia, filmographies, spinoff series episode guides, details about the movies, etc.?
By design, this site is only concerned with the fictional world of The Brady Bunch, the 1969-74 television sitcom. It does not contain significant information about the actors and other creative personnel behind the show and movies. This was a conscious decision due to the many other Web sites that already offer this kind of material about the show and its spinoffs and related products. If you're looking for other Brady home pages, try Brady Bunch Internet Resources, an exhaustive list of links to virtually every meaningful Web site about The Brady Bunch. In particular, I recommend:

Also be sure to visit Top 10 Questions About The Brady Bunch, a list of the most commonly asked questions about the show and its cast members.

If you can't find what you're looking for here or on any other Web site, try posting a message in the alt.tv.brady-bunch newsgroup. There you'll find of dozens of devoted fans and collectors who can frequently point you in the right direction. Or, visit Allexperts.com's Brady Bunch page, where you'll find links to several self-proclaimed Brady Bunch experts who have volunteered to answer questions about the show via e-mail.

Looking for an online FAQ about the show? Try The Frequently Asked Questions list for alt.tv.brady-bunch, a sporadically updated document by Michael E. Kotler. If you have suggestions, corrections or comments, send them to Kotler, not me.

Also, don't forget the many books written about the show. Amazon.com offers them all, plus music, videos and other items. I recommend:

. . . for detail and behind-the-scenes information. (Full disclosure: I provided minor assistance to Moran and Stoddard's books.)

In Association with Amazon.com

Where can I obtain episodes on video, digitized song and dialogue clips and the Brady Bunch font?
I can't help you. For obvious legal reasons, I cannot (and will not) duplicate any material copyrighted by Paramount and other companies that own the rights to the show and its related products. Paramount and its parent corporation, Viacom, have vigorously sought to protect their intellectual properties on the Internet and have taken action against many unofficial Web sites devoted to brands such as Star Trek and The Brady Bunch. For this reason, I am unable to provide copies of any copyrighted material related to the show. I paid for my copies; you should too.


If you're looking to purchase uncut Brady Bunch episodes on video, Columbia House offers a 10-volume set of four-episode tapes via mail order only. Paramount Home Video sells four two-episode tapes through the usual retail outlets, though there's some overlap between the two sets. In all, there are currently less than four dozen of the 117 original episodes commercially available for sale on video. None of the Columbia House or Paramount videos offer episodes from the fourth or fifth seasons. For more information about obtaining Brady Bunch episodes on video and links to related Web sites, please visit Brady Bunch Internet Resources.

All Brady Bunch episodes are available on 16mm film, though they may be difficult to find.

Paramount Home Video also offers the two motion pictures and the 1988 TV movie A Very Brady Christmas. None of the other spinoffs are available for sale on video, although The Brady Brides frequently airs on cable's Fox Family Channel and episodes of The Brady Bunch Hour and The Brady Kids have been broadcast on Nick at Nite.

Music/Sound Clips

If you're looking for some of the well-remembered music from the series and cast, MCA Records has released digitally remastered versions of all the old Brady Bunch albums on compact disc, plus a 1993 compilation, It's a Sunshine Day: The Best of the Brady Bunch. All feature detailed liner notes by pop culture guru Lisa Sutton. For more information, visit CDnow.

Amanda Duncan offers episode dialogue and background music at her site, The Brady Bunch Shrine.


If you're looking for a computer font that approximates the typeface seen in the Brady Bunch credits, try Jiffy, a font available on the Macintosh CD-ROM Typecase 2001 by SWFTE International. (I think it's also available on a few other SWFTE products, though I don't know anything about its availability for PCs.) I think this font was once called Jan Brady but was renamed for what should be obvious reasons.

Insanitype! Font Design offers a shareware TrueType font for Windows called Brady Bunch, if you can find it. Macintosh users can convert it with a utility like TTConverter.

I've also heard of another font called Sitcom, used in the production of Anthony Rubino Jr.'s 1995 book, Life Lessons from the Bradys. I don't know how to obtain it.

Click on the encyclopedia volumes at the site's main menu to jump to the entries under that letter. When complete, the encyclopedia will be filled with hypertext links allowing readers to jump back and forth between all 26 volumes and synopses of every Brady Bunch episode. Please note that characters are listed under their last names if one was given in the episode or in the credits. Otherwise, characters are listed according to the name or description used in the episode or credits. If you can't find a character, check the show summary for all entries derived from that episode.

When the site is complete, there also will \be a much more detailed FAQ explaining everything.

When will it be finished?
I don't know when the project will be complete. Currently, over 500 entries -- roughly 40% of the estimated total -- are now available. The entries online represent 49 episodes, approximately two seasons' worth of the original series.

Where's George Glass? Davy Jones? Joe Namath?
Most of the available entries are drawn from episodes in the first, second and third seasons. This means that many episodes have yet to be indexed, which is why fondly remembered characters and guest stars such as "George Glass" and Davy Jones are not currently included. Be patient, they're coming.

In the meantime, I've created a small sample of what the final work will look like based on one episode, "My Fair Opponent."


Who wrote the episode summaries? Why are they incomplete?
The episode summaries are all taken directly from the syndication package Paramount Domestic Television makes available to TV stations across the country. It's a thick packet of episode descriptions that stations can use to create their programming schedules. I realize they're sometimes incomplete (they usually only mention the primary plots, not the often better-remembered secondary storylines) but they offer a glimpse at how Paramount described the episodes when the series entered syndication. More thorough episode guides can be found at many of the Web sites listed at Brady Bunch Internet Resources, a comprehensive list of sites about the show.

Can I make a suggestion?
Absolutely! One of the reasons I've set up this sample is to encourage visitors to let me know what they think of the project and to share their ideas of what they'd like to see. Plus, if you spot any mistakes -- even typographical errors or faulty HTML coding -- please tell me! Use the Feedback page for any suggestions, comments or criticisms. I look forward to hearing from you.

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